Duret Paris


Maison Duret Paris

Maison Duret Paris is one of the last-standing French houses fabricating leather goods entirely by hand with an utmost respect for the highest standards of leather artistry.

For more than 20 years, quality, finesse, excellence and know-how have propelled the production of every belt and accessory the Maison has made. Each hand-crafted creation is authentic and unique.


Our promise

Duret Paris continuously strives to improve and innovate in terms of the techniques and materials it expertly employs, and the products and services it proudly offers. The Maison’s main goal remains satisfying its clients’ every whim and desire through the custom creation of masterfully made-to-measure leather goods and accessories.


In 1988, the Maison opened its doors on rue Duret in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of Paris. The family-run leather repair business is inspired entirely by luxury leather working’s purest art form and custom craftsmanship. More than a storefront, Duret Paris embodies the soulful commitment of its creator, Mickaël Bennarroch, who continues to breathe new life into the beloved luxury shoes, handbags and accessories of his close-knit clientele. An art passed on in its purest form from patient father to passionate son, Duret Paris embodies the talent of its creator, who continued to breathe new life into the beloved luxury handbags, shoes and accessories, Duret Paris is the living manifestation of traditional know-how, dexterity and mastery of fine materials.


Mickaël Benarroch’s work swiftly caught the attention of celebrated shoemakers around the world, such as Aubercy, and Crockett & Jones to name just a few.

Earning the recognition and support of some of the leading luxury houses in Paris, Bennaroch developed his own line of hand-made leather goods. His unique pieces, including belts and other made-to-measure accessories, have independently earned the recognition and support of many other leading luxury houses in Paris.

Today, Duret Paris continues to stand true to time-tested traditions and create unique pieces in a purely artisanal fashion.