Black perforated, patinated natural calfskin belt

Black perforated, patinated natural calfskin belt


Once you have placed your order, we will help you to take your waist size accurately... Read more about it.

Black perforated, patinated natural calfskin belt


Once you have placed your order, we will help you to take your waist size accurately... Read more about it.



Black patinated perforated natural calfskin belt, embellished with a two-pronged palladium (silver) buckle in a shiny finish. This belt is custom-made and entirely hand sewn in saddle stitch using black linen thread. The lining of this belt is made in red grained calfskin. Belt width measures 40 mm.


Smooth calf is one of the finest qualities of calfskin, a full-grain leather with a smooth and firm appearance. Your Duret Paris belt in smooth calf is tanned with chrome, rather than vegetable tanned – this is what gives it its bluish-gray color along the edge. We apply a wide range of natural pigments to our smooth calf leathers after tanning. The fineness, suppleness and resistance of this material make it a top choice for use in the finest quality footwear, accessories and belts. All Duret Paris belt collections – Classic, Bold, Distinctive and Timeless – offer luxury belts in smooth calf.


Your belt in black perforated patinated calfskin was crafted with the traditional saddlery and leathercrafting know-how of Duret Paris. We have been bringing our exacting quality, subtle style, and eye for perfection to our unique and authentic leather goods for over 25 years. The quality of our leathers and skins is paramount to us, since they will be the cornerstone of the belt or accessory you select. The leather of your belt or accessory will be dyed the desired color, black, using natural pigments. A hallmark of Duret Paris, a patinated black can also be achieved through the application of beeswax. You can pick the type of buckle that best matches your black belt from our choice of gold, palladium or ruthenium finishes. Your black leather belt is equally suited to daily wear or special occasions like a wedding or award ceremony. Whether you choose it from our Classic, Bold, Timeless or Top Notch collections, your black leather belt can be monogrammed with your initials – or someone else’s, if it is to be a gift.


At Duret Paris we are very proud of our selection of luxury belts in perforated leather. The perforated finish is a particularly elegant way of making a style statement. Each of the perforated leather luxury belts crafted by Duret Paris is utterly unique, thanks to the unrivaled expertise of Mickaël Benarroch and his talented team of expert leather artisans. We can apply a perforated finish to a wide variety of leathers including calfskin, deerskin and buffalo. It works with any color, too, so your belt can have a perforated finish no matter what the shade of the leather. If you would like to order other items of small leather goods to match your premium perforated leather belt, we can also oblige. Additionally, whether your perforated leather belt is a gift for someone else or a treat for yourself, you might consider getting it monogrammed as the ultimate personalized touch.

Exquisite patinas have been the hallmark of Duret Paris for over 25 years. The entire patination process is carried out by hand by Mickaël Benarroch and his team of skilled leather artisans, who apply natural pigments and beeswax to achieve the desired effect. Putting a patina on leather is a way of imitating the natural ageing of the animal skin. Patinas can have a classic appearance, or be intended to create effects like old wood, or the marble look of our museum calf. All types of leather can take a patina, and we have applied patinas to belts from leathers as different as calfskin, lambskin, crocodile, python and even ostrich. So whichever of these leathers you choose, Duret Paris can add a patina that will make your belt a truly unique and luxurious accessory.

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