Pink alligator diary cover

Pink alligator diary cover


Pink alligator diary cover




Diary cover in old pink patina alligator, handmade and lined in candy pink box. Hand sewn with a saddle stitch, using a pearl grey linen thread. Possibility of affixing a gold monogram.


Your diary cover in old pink patina alligator is made with the respect of Duret Paris' artisanal know-how. For more than 25 years, our values of high standards, finesse and perfection have resulted in the creation of unique and authentic pieces. Out of love for our art, Duret Paris pays particular attention to the respect of the industry from which its raw materials come: our calf, buffalo, colt, crocodile, ostrich, python and elephant leathers are controlled and certified. Most of them come from the largest tanneries in France, whose reputation is well known. The quality of our leathers and skins is our priority since they will constitute the essential of your future diary cover or accessory. The old rose color is then fixed on the leather of your agenda cover or accessory with natural pigments. A true trademark of Duret Paris, the old rose color can also be applied with beeswax in order to create a patina. Your old rose leather agenda cover can be engraved with your initials or those of your loved one.


Agenda covers made of exotic alligator leather are rare and precious products. Only ten or so tanneries in the world have the know-how required to work with alligator, crocodile and caiman leather and we call on the best professionals in France. Alligator leather can be recognized by its rounded scales on the sides, then structured in the center of the back. From breeding farms in Florida, Texas or Louisiana, alligator leather is immaculate. It does not show scars as in the wild. Duret Paris puts all its talent into transforming alligator leather into high-end agenda covers and exceptional leather goods. From natural pigments to handmade patinas, we put decades of experience at the service of your elegance.


For more than 25 years, patina has been the trademark of Duret Paris. Applied with natural pigments and beeswax, all the work is done by hand by Mickaël Benarroch and his craftsmen. Patinating leather consists in imitating the natural aging of the leather. The patina can have a classic look, an old wood effect, or marbled such as museum calf. Diary covers in calf, lamb, but also crocodile, python or ostrich, all types of leather can benefit from a patina. All of these leathers, ennobled by Duret Paris with a patina, will make your agenda cover a unique and luxurious piece.

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Leather finish

Interior leather goods


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Height diary cover

150 mm

Open cover width

230 mm

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