Making of a belt

Duret Paris devolges the secret of made to measure belts: the process. Discover all the steps in the fabrication of our luxury belts, the choice of skins and the handmade finish.

Finding the right form for you

During this first step, we give your belt a shape: we cut and size the reinforcement on the inside of your belt.

Cutting the skin

We start with a rough first cut of the skin chosen by the client, then a second more precise cut to create the strap.

The creation of a made to measure belt requires a profound knowledge of high-end materials built on a know how fed by tradition.

Sizing up the belt

We cut all the elements of the belt before making the first version of the belt.

Shaped by superior leather

We proceed to glue all the different strips until we have one single strap.

Preparing the loops

We assemble the loops in a similar fashion as the belt.

Punching out the loops

We prepare the loops with a punch needle

Sewing the loops

We sew the loops before construction.

Finishing the loops

We smooth out the loops using hot beeswax before moving on to build the belt.

Assembling the buckle

We attach the buckle chosen by the client to the strap

Sewing the buckle

We sew the buckle onto the main triple point to the strap to assure a long lasting fit.

Sewing the belt

We punch out the loops in the belt and sew the seams of the belt by hand.

Threading the belt

We use a hot thread for a smoother result

Applying the dye to the piece

We dye the piece giving it a desired tint.