Specializing in patina, Duret Paris creates belt straps in a myriad of hues and shades. To assure the belts and other objects are perfectly subtle, a patina of protection is created and applied by hand, with the help of the pigments, beeswax and mink oil. This is an indispensable step for giving each piece a unique character feeling only the house can provide.

The patina can also be adapted to the tastes and desires of each person.



The purest expression of the the Franco-Comté and Aveyron traditions, at the crossroads of jewlery and art, each buckle is touched by Duret Paris and has been thought through and designed by Mickaël Benarroch. Individually made from a piece of solid brass and polished by hand, they are then treated to a process of gold galvanisation, ruthénium, rhodium 3 microns (looked this up not sure what is meant please advise..), and the palladium brushed and measured without any soldering.


Hot engraving

Because it is the small details that make a big difference, Duret Paris surrounds itself with the best they can find and, for many years, have used Mr. Anger for the engraving process, a master artisan from the Maison Dorlux in Paris. Thus, everyone can engrave their initials to add to each piece a touch of elegance and sophistication.



A material that’s solid, natural and respectful of the environment, linen wire is dyed with natural pigments and is heat treated with beeswax to ensure a tight fit at every stitch. The thread gives each belt or made to measure accessory an exceptional finish.