Plum nubuck crocodile belt

Plum nubuck crocodile belt


Once you have placed your order, we will help you to take your waist size accurately... Read more about it.

Plum nubuck crocodile belt


Once you have placed your order, we will help you to take your waist size accurately... Read more about it.



Plum nubuck crocodile belt, embellished with a two-pronged palladium (silver) buckle in a shiny finish. This belt is custom-made and entirely hand sewn in saddle stitch using dark brown linen thread. The lining of this belt is made in purple box calf. Belt width measures 40 mm.


Our belts and accessories crafted in crocodile skin have won devotees right across the world – elegant people who appreciate the added value we bring through our superb craftsmanship. Duret Paris has built up a precious store of know-how over the years, and we are experts in handling this hard and durable skin. To make your crocodile belt, we use the skin from the belly of the animal up to its tail, but also from the flanks, because these are the thinner, more supple cuts of skin. Most saddlery products and leather goods made with crocodile leather use skins from farm-bred Nile crocodiles or saltwater crocodiles. To do justice to this noble raw material, we dye it with natural pigments that can yield colors ranging from hot pink to the deepest black.


Your belt in plum nubuck crocodile was crafted with the traditional saddlery and leathercrafting know-how of Duret Paris. We have been bringing our exacting quality, subtle style, and eye for perfection to our unique and authentic leather goods for over 25 years. The quality of our leathers and skins is paramount to us, since they will be the cornerstone of the belt or accessory you select. The leather of your belt or accessory will be dyed the desired color, plum, using natural pigments. A hallmark of Duret Paris, a patinated plum can also be achieved through the application of beeswax. You can pick the type of buckle that best matches your plum belt from our choice of gold, palladium or ruthenium finishes. Your plum leather belt is equally suited to daily wear or special occasions like a wedding or award ceremony. Whether you choose it from our Classic, Bold, Timeless or Top Notch collections, your plum leather belt can be monogrammed with your initials – or someone else’s, if it is to be a gift.


Leather belts with a nubuck finish are always very popular. This type of leather is refined in the tannery by finely sanding the grain. This gives the hide the velvety, napped look that nubuck is known for – not to be confused with suede, though. Your deluxe Duret Paris nubuck leather belts are entirely handmade and each is unique. They bring assured elegance to any outfit, and can be ordered in a wide range of colors, from classic shades to more unusual colors that really pop! A nubuck belt is one of the pieces that requires a little extra care to keep it in tiptop condition. This luxurious leather needs an occasional going-over with a soft-bristled brush to remove any dust, and can be waterproofed using specialist products.

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