portefeuille Thales en box noir 1
Black box calf Thales wallet

$692.90 TTC

$692.90 TTC

Black box calf Thales wallet

$692.90 TTC

This piece is just an example.
If you want a tailor-made one, please send us a request by sending us the form below or via WhatsApp.
You can choose the leather, finish and colors according to your desire.

Black box calf Thales wallet

$692.90 TTC

You like this piece but wish to customize some elements, please let us know by sending the form below or via WhatsApp.
You can choose the leather, finish and colors according to your desire.



Thales wallet made of black box calf on top and inside. Lining in black goatskin. This piece has been entirely hand stitched with a saddle stitch, using black linen thread. 4 hidden card slots in total. The size can be customized at the customer’s request. Dimensions: 125mm high by 195mm long.


Your wallet in black box calf was crafted with the traditional saddlery and leathercrafting know-how of Duret Paris. We have been bringing our exacting quality, subtle style, and eye for perfection to our unique and authentic leather goods for over 25 years. The quality of our leathers and skins is paramount to us, since they will be the cornerstone of the wallet or accessory you select. The leather of your wallet or accessory is then dyed the desired color, black, using natural pigments. A hallmark of Duret Paris, a patinated black can also be achieved through the application of beeswax. You can pick the type of buckle that best matches your black wallet from our choice of gold, palladium or ruthenium finishes. Your black leather wallet is equally suited to daily wear or special occasions like a wedding or award ceremony. Whether you choose it from our Classic, Bold, Timeless or Top Notch collections, your black leather wallet can be monogrammed with your initials – or someone else’s, if it is to be a gift.


Your Duret Paris box calf belt is crafted from extremely high-quality calfskin. A wallet made from box such as this has a smooth and firm appearance, with a full grain. The tanning technique that achieves such beautiful leather involves using chrome or chrome salt. A bluish-gray color along its edges shows the presence of chrome, unlike many vegetable-tanned leathers. This premium leather is very smooth and has a fine, supple texture, although small marks or grains may occasionally appear. Box calf leather is highly prized by the most upscale brands for all their leather goods and fashion collections. Its combination of fineness and resistance make box calf one of our favorites to work with at Duret Paris. All our collections carry luxury belts in box calf.

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